RIB Owners' Club

RIB Owners' Club

The RIB Owners' Club (Solent) was conceived in a comment made by an owner telling us how much he would enjoy meeting other owners. We took that thought and have developed it into an annual programme of events that will have something for all RIB owners, big and small. Our vision for the RIB Owners’ Club has its heart in this simple beginning - listening to Owners' about how they want to use their RIBs and turning it into a reality. To see the fun being had by Owners' go to the RIB Owners Club Facebook page.

What the Club is about...

The overall strategy for the Owners' Club is for our team to offer the events and do all the work behind the scenes to enable you to recognise the full potential of the life style choice of owning a RIB. We want you to get the most from your ownership, from discovering hidden gems around the Solent to voyaging to places overseas! The events will range from pure relaxation to adventure and sporting fun, but they will all involve enjoyment of your RIB.

The Club is intended to be all about you, your family and friends. There are popular annual favourites (like Wight Dash when we circumnavigate the IOW) but your feedback will be essential to ensure the success of the Owners’ Club and to keep it fresh and fun. In short if we are not doing what you want we need to hear your views.  
This is your club and we want to make it work for you. You share your ideas and we will do the work to make them a reality.

2021 Dates for your diary...

Wight Dash - Saturday 24th April 2021 
This is now an annual favourite and is always a great start to the season to blow away the cobwebs, catch up with old friends and meet new RIB Owners Club members. We'll circumnavigate the IOW in approx 4 hours when we include the stops to collect everyone up. We'll take a break "round the back" and break out the flasks and biscuits followed by a photo op at the Needles before coming back up The Solent. We will have a celebration drink on completion in Warsash with a free berth on our marina if you need one. 
All timings TTBC but we will start at Stone Pier Yard and pick up others at Hill Head Port Hand Mark (East of Bramble Bank) and Bembridge before going round the back of the Island. 

Horse & Jockey Nosebag - 15th May 2021 
This local event can even go ahead if we are social distancing now that the Horse & Jockey under new ownership have built an open barn with very well spaced tables for safe dining. They have no pictures of the new barn on the website at the time of writing this but it is huge and complete with Heaters if its not as warm as we hoped. For some of you this will be an old favourite but for others its a Hamble gem to discover. The Horse & Jockey is accessible by road as well but at high tides RIBs can get to their jetty too. They have plans to extend the jetty early in 2021. It's a really good day out especially if the wind is against you as up at the top of the Hamble there will be not difficult water. This is planned for a long Spring high tide (double high water) so no rush to get out. A great fun spot to go and enjoy the Hampshire countryside from the water. 
All Timings TBC but we are going for lunch and it is about an hours trip upriver from Stone Pier Marina (our office) at the entrance of the River.

Gins Evening Jolly - 4th June 2021
Another first for the RIB Owners Club this year is an evening trip to the Royal Southampton Yacht Club (RSYC) on the Beaulieu River. A short cruise through the Solent and then just a 15 minute potter from the entrance and we will be welcomed in by the staff at the appropriately named "Gins Clubhouse". We will enjoy evening drinks and nibbles before cruising home at sunset. Anyone that feels a bit cautious about the home journey as night beckons will be given an escort to their Solent destination or if they prefer a free berth at our Warsash Marina until they can retrieve their RIB by the Weekend. As always we will be ensuring your safety while you reach out to new horizons. 

Keyhaven Kick - 12th June 2021
Keyhaven is hidden away in the western Solent behind Hurst Castle. Very much a local spot for those in the know but once discovered it will become a regular haunt for those seeking the peace and tranquility of a quiet anchorage, a beach to run the kids on up to Hurst Castle and back, and of course when the tide is right our destination which is the village of Keyhaven itself which is picturesque and about as English as it gets. You can decide if you have a picnic or a Yacht Club or Pub lunch at the Gun inn and we'll do the navigation planning to keep you safe. 

Itchenor Scratch - 26th June 2021
We recognise that over the last few years we have not explored the Eastern Solent enough so to help all those from this end of our playground we have opted for Itchenor. We can go alongside and if required overflow on to visitors buoys. Our destination is the The Ship Inn in the sailing village of Itchenor. A warm welcome awaits, and for those not local you will add another excellent watering hole to the list of go to places on you RIB adventures. There is plenty to do locally from the East Head anchorage inside the harbour entrance, to the waterkiing options in Langstone Harbour, sailing clubs galore and of course plenty of other pubs!
All Timings TBC but we have no real tide concerns on this one - just a lovely spot to enjoy. 

<6m Wight Dash - 10th or 24th July 2021 
This event is in recognition of Newbies. Its hard to keep 5m RIBs and 8.5m+ RIBs together when doing a 60 mile trip round the IOW - It is a simple fact of life that the smaller RIBs can't always keep up with a larger RIBs "comfortable" cruising speed. This year we are going to have a special Wight Dash event for RIBs of under 6m. We will bring at least one larger RIB of 6.5m or more as safety cover (spare fuel, towing etc) and as usual we will have engineering cover for the whole trip. The larger RIBs job will be to assist not lead off at high speed and the more takers we get the more safety cover we will provide. This entire trip will be for the smaller RIBs to enjoy at their pace. If you cannot get round on your usual fuel load we can carry spare fuel to help you out. We will only go if the weather is calm and a small RIB can travel round the island in safety and comfort. If you are new to this or have a small RIB and want a proper hand holding exercise this is the trip for you. 
This event has two dates listed - the intention is to go on the 10th July, but if the weather is against us we will postpone till the 24th July. We will only be going on one of the listed dates not both.

Alderney Race - Friday 16th - Sunday 18th July 2021
In 2019 we took 7 RIBs to Alderney for our first cross channel event. Despite the outbound trip being a bit of a mission we had a great time exploring this amazing island by foot and bike along with excellent food and drink in good company at The Braye Beach Hotel. The trip home was done in two hours in a F4 and everyone was happy. We'd like to repeat this experience in 2020. The difference being the weather for the trip out and starting a bit earlier on the Friday to get more from the weekend. We are open to helping set up a Channel Island cruise for those that want it by way of expanding this event a little. 

To make the the journey and planning easier we will not leave The Solent in anything more than a F4 wind. If you ensure you have cancellation insurance on your annual holiday cover, Marine Matters will pay your insurance excess if you need to cancel and invoke this cover provided that you do so within the terms of the contract and you recieve a payout. This means we can plan with your early commitment and you don't get financially hurt. What's not to like? 

Mad Cowes - Wednesday 4th August 2021
The chance to end the annual events calendar with a tried and tested favourite. We'll meet up late morning and cruise to the Western Solent and check out some impressive sail boats engaged in Cowes Week Racing before going to a lunch time venue and getting the chance to talk about all the fun we've had during the year. As always there will be the opportunity to go to Cowes on the way back to have a beer in the heart of the world famous racing festival. 

Bramble Bank Cricket Match - Dates still to be announced (usually late August or early September)
Once each year the tide falls low enough to exspose The Bramble Bank for a short while. It's just about big enough for a game of cricket; albeit with a rather soggy out field! The Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble and the Island Sailing Club, Cowes have been competing in this annual Test Match since the 1950's. In a quintessentially British competition the winner is decided before hand and both teams colude to ensure the correct team wins! This is a fun spectator event and the novelty of being on the bank makes it the just good fun. 
The tide dictates the timings - sometimes it's at dawn and sometimes in the evening. Fingers crossed for your prefered option!

Other Events for 2021...?
We usually end events in August due to holidays and the Boat Show in September but we are very happy to look at a winter warmer if anyone has an ideas for an event that can work during the winter let us know and we'll get it up and running for the benefit of the members of the RIB Owners Club.


What we tried to do in 2020 COVID Year...

Wight Dash - Saturday 6th June 2020 (resheduled due to COVID 19)
We had record numbers attend this event in between lockdowns - despite the weather not being great. There are pictures of the event - including some drome shots - on the Facebook page - RIB Owners' Club

Ski Sundowner - Friday 5th June 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Sandy Shindig - Saturday 13th June 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Alderney Race - Friday 10th - Sunday 12th July 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Ladies that Lunch - Monday 20th July 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Gins Evening Jolly - Thursday 23rd July 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Bembridge Bonanaza - Sunday 2nd August 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

Mad Cowes - Wednesday 12th August 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

What we did in 2019...

Binfield Bash - 11th May 2019
A chance to visit one of the IOW's child and dog friendly places in the heart of the Island. plnty of space to run both kids and dogs and a bar and restaurant that cleverly has the secure play area in the rear garden and the adults dining in the front! A fun long lunch stop for everyone.

Wight Dash - 8th June 2019 
Complete a circumnavigation with a dash around the IOW. Bring your flask and biscuits for a stop round the other side before a photo shoot at the Needles on the way back when we can celebrate our efforts with beer at the pub!

Ski Sunday - 23rd June 2019
Another chanvce to take skiing or wakeboard instruction from the Marine Matters team and their instructors. Motley Crew, the Marine Matters Sealine F42/5 motor cruiser will be on station to allow for a bit of privacy to get changed and have hot drinks after being in the water. 

Ladies that Lunch - 1st OR 3rd July 2019 - date TBC around your preferences
A new event for women run by women. As with all events we run, safety will be of paramount importance so this will be hosted by Lisa our office manager, assisted by Jazz Willis,our female Suzuki engineer, and one of our female powerboat instructors who will plan the trip. Current thinking is to leave from the Hamble to lunch with a bit shopping in GunWharf Quay. However, nothing is in stone. It would be good to get a team of ladies out there leading from the front other than that its up to you what you do! 

Alderney Race 19th - 21st July 2019 
The big one for 2019. This trip has 24 hour tide access to the port of Bray in Alderney where we can tie to mooring buoys and go ashore to the Hotel that overlooks a glorious beach and enjoy champagne to celebrate what for most of you will be your first Channel Crossing by RIB. The island is beautiful for playing on the beach, walking and chilling in the bars - a very relaxed weekend no matter what. We are happy to take kids if you are happy to bring them. from the Neddles we'll be there in 3 hours - and for those that are wondering... we are only out of site of land for about an hour. This trip is the same time frame as round the IOW. 

Mad Cowes - 14th August 2019
This was a real hit last year with a mid week trip checking out the Cowes Week racing on the way to lunch at The Bugle Hotel in Yarmouth. After lunch those that fancy it can go up to Cowes for a beer with the races to soak up the atmosphere of this world famous yacht racing event.


Some RIB Owners Club Events from 2018...

Wight Dash
The Wight Dash was an opportunity to shake out the last of Spring and get the Summer started with a Dash around the IOW at the end of April. The Marine Matters Team planned and managed the day so for those of you that just want to go boating without any consideration to the planning and navigation that was fine – as an RYA Training Centre we are more than qualified to do this.

Shalfleet Shuffle
The Shalfleet Shuffle was a leisurely trip to Newtown River to visit the New Inn at Shalfleet for lunch. The trip from Hamble was less the half an hour at 20 knots and the walk to the pub took less than 20 mins in flip flops, so nothing strenuous. The pub had a good kids menu as well as good choice of food from the adult menu from sandwiches to full meals - and lovely pudding of course!

Ski Sundays
The two Ski Sundays were a great opportunity to make your first splash on waterski’s or a wakeboard or simply meet our instructor and get some top tips on how to improve your technique. This is a great spectator sport so lots of fun was had by all cheering on those that "got up" for the first time.

Mad Cowes
Mad Cowes was an opportunity to view the world class racing that is Cowes Week and an excuse to visit The Hut in Colwell bay for some respite from the sailing! Fantatic location and service to chill everyone out before returning to Cowes for a beer amongst the racers as they came off the water. 

The Marine Matters team are looking forward to sharing these events with you, both on the water and the inevitable time at the bar that goes with this!

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