Solent Collect Warranty®

Solent Collect Warranty® Explained

All trailerable boats work on a "back to base" warranty - this means you have to return your RIB to where you purchased it to access your warranty; this is onerous and expensive for you on both time and money.

Any GRAND RIB, or River Boats purchased from Marine Matters comes with Solent Collect Warranty®, which means that any issues, no matter how small, we will attend and solve the problem, if this can't be done at your location we will take your GRAND RIB or River Boat to our workshop, repair it and return it all free of charge. We do the running and jobs while you simply enjoy your GRAND RIB  or River Boat without any of the hassle.

Solent Collect Warranty® is only available for GRAND RIB owners and River Boat owners who have purchased from Marine Matters and still within the warranty period.

Solent Collect Warranty® is for used boats as well as new provided they are still within the warranty period.

Solent Collect Warranty® also applies to all Suzuki & Mercury engines of 40hp or over that we have fitted to any hull.

Solent Collect Warranty® explanation video

Solent Collect Warranty® Geographic Coverage Area


Any GRAND RIB or River Boat within the warranty period, kept on the mainland from Lymington to Chichester and if kept at home any location within 10 miles of the coast qualifies for Solent Collect Warranty®.

Isle of Wight

Any GRAND RIB or River Boat kept on the Isle of Wight qualifies for collection from the north side of the island only. All collection from the IOW will be by sea only (i.e. not on a trailer on the ferry). Collection will include towing the boat across the Solent if the fault means your GRAND RIB or River Boat is undrivable under its own power.

Warranty Coverage Periods

5 years on the hull (applies to the single moulding only not anything fitted to the moulding).

5 years on the tubes.

5 years on the Suzuki or Mercury four stroke outboard engine.

1 year on fixtures & fittings (includes GRAND seats, cushions, the console, and the arch where applicable)

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