Suzuki DF15A


Max output 15hp / 11 kW
Capacity 327 cc
Cylinders 2
Transom height S = 381mm / 15" L = 508mm / 20"
Weight S = 44 kg L = 45 kg
Price includes Fuel tank & aluminium propeller
Lean burn fuel control
Fuel tank & aluminium propeller

Suzuki DF15A Four Stroke Marine Outboard Engine

Details listed above are for the DF15AS (standard shaft) and D15AL (long shaft)
This engine is available in a variety of options with additional extra for your ease of use:

Engine Short Shaft Long Shaft Recoil
Electric Start Tiller Steer Remote Steer Power Trim Weight
(inc VAT)
DF15AS X X X 44kg £2445
DF15AL X X X 45kg £2445
DF15AES X X X 48kg £2825
DF15AEL X X X 49kg £2825
DF15ARS X X X 48kg £2880
DF15ARL X X X 48kg £2880
DF15ATL X X X X 54.5kg £3140

Suzuki DF15A Technology

Suzuki DF15A state-of-the-art designs make the DF15A and the DF20A among the most technologically advanced portable outboards anywhere. The DF15A and DF20A are the world’s first marine outboards in the 15hp and 20hp classes equipped with a battery-less fuel injection system that offers quick, easy starts and cleaner, fuel efficient operation.

Suzuki engineers took a bold approach in building all-new fuel injection system components that are smaller and lighter than those found in previous systems. By adding the proven Lean Burn Control technology to their design, these outboards deliver remarkable fuel economy and reduced emissions throughout their operating range.

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