Suzuki DF80A

£9,650 inc VAT

Max output 80hp / 58.8 kW
Capacity 1502 cc
Cylinders 4
Transom height 508mm / 20"
Weight 156 kg
Price includes: Keyless start system
Trim gauge
Tacho & monitor gauge
Power trim/tilt
Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Lean burn fuel control
Self-adjusting timing chain
Choice of aluminium propellers

Suzuki DF80A Four Stroke Marine Outboard Engine

DATATAG security FREE with this engine

Suzuki DF80A outboard benefits from our Lean Burn Control System which enables the engine to operate on a lean air-fuel ratio or a thinner mixture of fuel. The system controls the air to fuel mixture by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions. It delivers its benefits over a wide operating range providing significant improvements in fuel economy from low speed operation well up into the cruising range, which all helps to reduce your fuel bills.

Fit a Suzuki DF80A outboard engine to your transom and you will benefit from the keyless start system, Lean burn fuel technology for improved fuel efficiency, better throttle response, increased grip & acceleration, Offset drive shaft for better weight distribution, zero-maintenance self-adjusting timing chain, smoother gear shifting, new reduced drag gear case all in a lightweight and compact design.

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