Suzuki DF140BT

£13,900 inc VAT

Max output 140hp / 103 kW
Capacity 2044 cc
Transom height L = 508mm / 20" X = 635mm / 25"
Weight L = 179 kg / X = 184 kg
Price includes: Keyless start system & imobiliser
Trim gauge
Tacho & monitor gauge
Power trim/tilt
Choice of control box
Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Lean burn fuel control
Self-adjusting timing chain
Choice of aluminium propellers

Suzuki DF140BT Four Stroke Marine Outboard Engine (mechanically controlled)

DATATAG security FREE with this engine

Suzuki DF140BT and DF115BT four stroke outboard mechanically controlled engines are a pair of engines designed by Suzuki engineers that offer great fuel economy without sacrificing on performance. These new models incorporate the tried and tested Suzuki Lean Burn System, which has been delivering remarkable fuel economy on Suzuki award winning flagship outboard, the DF300AP, as well as the DF15A, DF20A and DF40A through DF90A outboards.

The Suzuki Lean Burn Fuel System allows the engine to operate on a leaner, more efficient fuel mixture providing significant improvements in fuel efficiency while still providing the power. These engines also incorporate an O2 Sensor Feedback System that keeps emissions cleaner and more stable, thus reducing impact on the environment. This outboard features a new engine cover designed with an aggressive, progressive and powerful form that proudly carry Suzuki’s “S” mark embossed on the front. Suzuki outboards are built with decades of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of marine outboard engines.

Suzuki outboard engines are built with the needs of today’s boaters in mind to help you go further, faster, for less.

This outboard is available as a DF140BTX (extra long shaft - 25") for £14,320 inc VAT and if you are considering a twin installation the DF140BZX provides counter rotation option for just an extra £130 at £14,450 inc VAT.

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