Is Winter a Good Time to Buy a RIB?

13 Dec

Spending the dark winter nights browsing the internet for your dream RIB while thinking about all the adventures you are going to have on those hot sunny days to come is a common practice. So, purchasing your boat over the winter seems to be the right sort of time to make that purchase right? In reality this a rare thing. Here at Marine Matters we hear it all the time. Statements like:

“I’ll get a better deal if I wait until next year”

 “I’ll wait until the better weather to start looking”

“I’ll never get the weather to go boating over the winter. Why do I want to buy a RIB, something I’m not going to use until next season? I’ll just look at boats for sale and wait until next spring to buy something”

“I’ll have to pay for everything upfront. That’s just dead money”

“I’ll wait until next spring to buy my boat, I’m sure there will be more choice on the market then”

Despite all this, winter is a great time to consider buying a RIB. Here are our reasons, and there are plenty, that winter is an ideal time to buy your Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Getting the best price for your RIB

It’s just a fact that inflation affects everything in life so if you can find the right boat for sale then it makes sense to secure that boat at this year’s prices. Especially if you find a new boat that you like that is already in stock. There might even be some deals to be done on boats with very low running hours that might have been used as a demonstrator or the stock that the supplier wants to move on before the end of the year. Here at Marine Matters, we can also offer free winter storage.

Getting your choice of RIB

There is also a supply and demand effect in the springtime. The people who buy their boats in the springtime are usually buying to use straight away which increases the competition over the same stock. This means that prices can increase, and choice and availability can go down – making it more difficult and expensive to get what you want, if you can find the boat you want! This springtime phenomenon often means that you need to compromise on your choice and probably make you pay a higher premium for something that does not truly fit the bill. If you do want to wait for your exact needs, then the chances are you will miss a lot of the season. 

Getting your RIB to your specification

What if you want to specify things like your tube colour and material, engine choice, upholstery colours, electronic packs etc. Usually, these items need to be ordered from the factory which can take up to 4 months – waiting until the spring really means that delivery is scheduled for August or September effectively wiping out your boating season. Winter is the perfect time to get the boat of your choice to be delivered when you need it. There is an added bonus of being able to secure your boat with a deposit meaning that you don’t need to worry too much about paying a lot of money for your boat upfront. You can pay for your boat in manageable staged payments 

Ah, I hear you say, but where am I going to store it? I don’t want to pay for winter storage for something that I won’t use until next season. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and are able to offer you free winter storage!

Winter Boating

Some of the best boating weather can be in the winter. Cold crisp, sunny days provide flat calm conditions and excellent powerboating conditions. You won’t be crowded out with other boaters spoiling the view either. Resorts and harbours are quieter giving easy and stress-free access – some with no winter mooring fees or other summer-related charges.

Since 2001 Marine Matters has gone from strength to strength by focusing on customer service. Whether you are buying a GRAND RIBservicing your outboard engine, attending one of our RYA training courses or berthing your boat in the solent marina facilities we deliver the best quality we can at a competitive price. If you would like to find out more about any of our services or RIBs for sale please contact us or call us on 01489 579589. 

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