Meet Our Team

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Lisa Walker

Office Manager

Lisa (s)mothers the team and is the friendly face of the main office and our Rottweiler when we need protecting. The kettle is always on unless work has finished - then after walking Monty, she can be found with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. We all reckon she finishes the wine before the book but that does not make her a bad person.

Young Lisa Walker
Mature Lisa Walker

Richard Thoroughgood

Workshop Manager

Rich is the driving force of the service & parts department within Marine Matters. Motivated and organised - mainly with beer, curry & water sports. On dry land he is known to bang a drum or two, and did I mention he likes a beer and a curry?

Young Rich Thoroughgood
Mature Rich Thoroughgood

Simon Jones

Engineering Manager

Simon's cheeky smile belies his easy going manner, as engineering managers go thats a popular start with the team. He loves to tinker with all things mechanical and has an enormous amount of knowledge within the industry. Outside of work he enjoys his mountain bike but if he's had a hard day he will take the less strenuous option of his motorbike

Mature Simon Jones

Max McHugh

Boat Building & Engineering

Max loves fixing engines or building boats & enjoys the variety of the workshop environment. Outside of work he searches for speed in the form of a motorbike or RIB and has a keen eye for an unusual'll have to ask him about that!

Baby Max
Grown Up Max Mchugh

Rob Aries

Boat Building & Engineering

Rob takes life in his stride, in a "I'm so laid back I'm horizontal" kind of way but don't let his laid back attitude fool you as he is always ready, willing & able. When not being an engineer at work, Rob enjoys the odd kick about or a bike ride and when he can get to the snow he likes to ride a snowboard instead

Baby Rob Aries
Grown Up Rob Aries

Sandy Cole

Office Hygiene Technician!

Sandy is a one woman cleaning machine who carries out her job with pride. Handy with a mop, she will get you if you stay still for too long. If you need your shoes shined with a mop you need to get in early, but if you want your collar straightened you're on your own, cos she can't reach that high!

Young Sandy
Mature Sandy Cole

Henry Hillier

Managing Director

Henry still thinks he is an "essence" Royal Marine but doesn't physically look like one these days. He is passionate about customer service as well as maintaining a motivated, happy and committed team. Henry keeps the troops in check or that's what the rest of the team let him believe. Always willing to have a chat but it might take longer than you expected.

Young Henry Hillier
Mature Henry Hillier


General mischief

Monty is a great dog and thinks the office is his and we all work round him. He absolutely loves it when his tummy is stroked. He mostly sleeps and eats, but sometimes he barks at people if they come into "his" office but, just like the rest of us, he does what he's told and gets back in his bed when Lisa tells him to!

Puppy Monty
Mischievous Monty

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