CEVNI Test Online

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CEVNI Test Online

CEVNI Test - What is it?

The CEVNI test, or the easy to remember Code Europeen des Voies de Navigation Interieure to give it the full name, is required by anyone wishing to operate on any of the inland waterways on the European Continent. The RYA Interactive online CEVNI test checks your knowledge of the rules of the road that apply to these inland waterways. Thankfully they are not complicated so you will be able to revise with the help of the RYA CEVNI Handbook (G106) for just £7.99 and Cevni Signs & Symbols Flip Cards (FC02) for just £9.00 - must have aide memorie to keep on board.

The European inland waterways vary from huge shipping lane used by heavy industry to beautiful canals that will provide some of the best boating you will ever experienced. If you are planning a trip to Europe then you may as well add this proof of competence to your existing RYA certificates to ensure that you get the very best from your boating.

A word to the wise - the European local authorities will not accept your presence on the canals with good grace without the correct paperwork so if you are not qualified don't chance it!

CEVNI Test Online Fee Includes:

  • CEVNI test online via RYA Interactive
  • Unlimited attempts at the practice CEVNI test
  • Assistance from our RYA CEVNI Instructor should you require it

The CEVNI Test will be available once the course fee has been paid online and our training team has created your account. We will email you your username and password along with a link to the course by the end of the working day; office hours Monday - Friday.

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