RYA VHF SRC Interactive Training

Course price: £99.00 inc VAT per person
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RYA VHF SRC Interactive Training

RYA VHF SRC Interactive Training

VHF Training changed on 2nd January 2014 to enable the course to be completed on line. A separate exam is required at an exam centre which we will ensure for you. The VHF course is cheaper and ensures a quality standard agreed with the RYA and MCA and is internationally recognised.

The RYA VHF SRC interactive training course is a legal requirement for all water users who intend to use a VHF (Very High Frequency) marine radio. This course is also required before completing any RYA practical exams and to gain a commercial endorsement. With all the safety benefits this makes it the must do course.

The RYA VHF SRC syllabus includes basic VHF operation, the correct VHF frequencies, use of DSC (Digital Selective Calling) and GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System), distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures.

The VHF exam will be conducted at our training base on the River Hamble,most weekends, using VHF DSC sets specially modified to allow students to make May Day calls on real equipment to promote realism - without having a rescue helicopter over the classroom! VHF qualification are Ofcom regulated; an independent exam is required and consists of a short written test followed by a practical assessment.

Please note that the online course must be completed prior to attempting the VHF exam. On completion of the end of course 'knowledge check' download and print your certificate, this must be presented to the examiner as proof that you qualify to take the exam. Contact us for our forthcoming exam dates.

RYA VHF SRC Interactive Training Fee Includes:

  • RYA VHF Radio (G31) course notes book - worth £16.49
  • Email & phone help by our RYA Interactive instructors
  • VHF Radios for exams
  • Refreshments during the RYA VHF SRC exam

Please note there is a separate fee of £60 charged by the RYA to cover the Ofcom certification, this will be taken by the Assessor at the time of the exam. This must be as a cheque payable to RYA or credit card; no cash will be accepted.

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